(Shocking Truth!) Tempered Glass Screen Protector

You must have heard about the tempered glass screen protector while purchasing any mobile or reading the reviews of mobile such iPhone, One plus three, Samsung galaxy edge etc. But do you exactly know what is this tempered glass and how is it better than the normal glass? If you don’t know, let me help you with that.

What Is Tempered Glass Screen Protector?

Tempered glass is also called as toughened glass. It is a type of safety glass which is developed by special techniques involving thermal control and chemical treatment, which increases its strength manifolds as compared to normal glass.

What Is Tempered Glass Screen Protector

To make the tempered glass, the glass is first heated and then cooled off rapidly with blowers. The specialty of tempering is that it compresses the outer surface and put the inner surface into tension. This makes the glass more than five times stronger.

The ultimate result of tempering is that when glass is brought under any big stress, instead of breaking into big pieces, it crumbles into small granular chunks which causes less injury to the mobile’s main working screen.

In simple words we can say that when any device falls from a height or is dropped with force, or if something hard hits the surface of the mobile, the tempered glass absorbs the shock and pressure more efficiently and effectively than any other glass or plastic screen protector.

Even if this glass fails to handle the excessive shock and pressure, it breaks into small granular chunks, thus protecting the actual screen from any damage.

Is The Use Of Tempered Glass Screen Protector Limited To Mobile Screens?

Limited To Mobile ScreensIt must be noted that the use of tempered glasses is not limited to the mobile screens. It is used in a variety of applications like passenger vehicles, refrigerator trays, bulletproof glass, driving masks etc.

Windows in ovens and the carafes in coffee makers are often made of tempered glasses.Even the computer screens and skylights make use of it.However, in recent years, acrylic has replaced the tempered glass in such applications.

Here in this article we will discuss in detail about how a tempered glass screen protector are more beneficial than another normal screen guard for mobile smartphones.


Why Tempered Glass Screen Protector Are Better ?

For proving the superiority of the tempered glass over the normal glass or plastic screen, it is necessary to define its major benefits. Some of its benefits are:

  1. A tempered glass is a multi-layered glass which is five times stronger than a normal glass. Which proves that it can protect the mobile screen more efficiently.
  2. Tempered glass’s clarity and smoothness is unmatchable by any other glass. This property of the toughened glass gives the protector screen of mobile the feel of the actual smart phone screen. Plastic screens obscures the light transmission from the actual display, which ultimately affects the color, sharpness and image quality.
  3. So anyone, who wishes to watch clear images and video and who is in love with smartphone photography, must choose tempered glass. I bet, plastic covers and other glasses can never give such clarity.
  4. Tempered glass screens are very easy to put on the mobile screen as compared to the plastic screen protectors. You must have faced the problem of smudging during the application of screen protector on your mobile phone.
  5. It is because the plastic screens have the tendency to easily crumple and pick air bubbles. This makes the screen messy at times and sometimes even ugly. To refrain from this problem, you have to take the service of any professional, which may also sometimes fail to deliver best results.
  6. While the tempered glass do not require any professional hand for its application. It can be applied to the screen very easily by its owner with only a little attention.
  7. Tempered glass screens are more heat resistant than any other regular glass.Which means that it reduces the damage risk of mobile by heat. Plastics easily undergo thermal expansion and make the screens prone to heat damage.
  8. While the tempered glass do not heat up easily and keeps the adhesive to the surface and doesn’t peel off easily like plastics and other glasses.
  9. Tempered glass can be reused many a times.
  10. Tempered glass does not allow itself to be altered physically easily. It is resistant to scratch to a high degree unless brought in contact with high heat.

Is Gorilla Glass And Tempered Glass Screen Protector Different?

Actually, Gorilla Glass is a brand of toughened glass itself. We can say that Gorilla glass is the fifth generation of the toughened glass, which is more thin, damage-resistant and light. This glass is manufactured by corning.

Things To Know Before Buying Tempered Glass Screen Protector?

One must check for the Olephobic coating before purchasing any tempered glass. Together with this check for its hardness. It must be near 2.5 D 9-10 H. Do not forget to see the silicon adhesive at its back. All these things affect the touch sensitivity. So to see the best result, look for these things in any tempered glass cover.

So this was all about tempered glass screen protector. Hope you have enjoyed this article and don’t have any questions in mind. If you have any, then please comment below.

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